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From: Heather Ross

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Breakout SEO

You’d love to know how to easily attract focused, organic traffic – without spending days learning advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques (or hiring an expert who costs a small fortune!)

Powerful SEO strategies that get you organic trafficYou’d really love to know:

  • The single most common cause of SEO avoidance – and why that can be so disastrous to your cause
  • Why the 4 essential set-up techniques are just not enough to bring organic traffic flocking from the Search Engines
  • The single most important task to undertake, before you ever write one word of web site code or set up that blog!
  • 2 tasks you need to be aware of – and the right way you need to perform them
  • The “hidden” technique for increasing your SEO promotion too many marketers ignore
  • The single most vital thing you have to do after deciding on your site theme and target subscriber
  • 8 areas – not the single one you were thinking of – that you also need to know to SEO-proof your site
  • 2 essential (but free) keyword tools – and the extra one you may actually not be aware of
  • The absolutely essential fact to remember, when deciding where to place those keyphrases you researched so carefully
  • The small but absolutely crucial step too many marketers forget

Grab your copy of this report and you’ll discover:Google-Yahoo-Bing

  • What 95% of shoppers enter into their browsers – and why you should make sure that the name they see “first up” is your site’s
  • 3 powerful methods of choosing the best domain name for your website – and tips on when to use which particular method
  • The small but important mistake not to make, when choosing your website extension
  • The small but thorny question of when to use underscores, hyphens and justplainrunonwords in your unique domain name
  • The disturbing hidden hazard that can sabotage your SEO strategies that most web site owners never do uncover
  • The shocking and unnecessary cause of Search Bots judging your site – incorrectly – as simply “not found”
  • 2 pieces of vital protection against this hidden danger – and what might be lurking on your site not put there by you

And then there are the little things – and hidden hazards you may not have even known to think about:

  • Which extension to use – when .COM is already taken
  • 2 web host problems you never want to run into – and a way to check if it’s already happening to you
  • The 2 things you never want to see, when you go to use your FTP program
  • The single most important (and easy) precaution for bloggers to take
  • The beautiful reason you don’t have to download these vital blog plug-ins just yet

The truth is… there’s a lot to SEO strategies – but you need it to be pretty basic, to fit into your schedule and plans.

Yet you need it to really pack a wallop – and get you those organic, focused results (starting today!)

And then there’s the question of site design and web coding…

“You Mean I Have To Learn Web Design On Top Of Everything Else?”

Relax! That’s not going to be a problem. In less than two pages, this book shows you powerful shortcuts that will vault you past months of painstaking learning you really have no interest in taking, at all.

You will learn quick and easy secrets like:

The truth behind meta tags – in spite of what you may have so often heard

The truth about SEO design issues – and common mistakes people make, over and over, all too often

The single worst SEO design mistake – and why website designers love to talk you into it

The single most crucial element to include in your web code – and why Search Bots will leave if they don’t find it

The other handy web design “tool” that can do more harm than good

The single most element you have the most control over – and Google loves it best of all

The simple 4-word command that will have Search Bots scurrying (with Google’s full approval) to do your bidding

The one major but often overlooked  factor you must not neglect, in your zeal to implement other powerful tricks

5 main ingredients that will always contribute the most value to your page rank


It can actually take years to learn tactics and methods like these.  However, Breakout SEO has it broken down to essentials – and made it easy for you to act on what you need today.

You’d Really Like SEO To Be “Instant”
– Yet You Want To Thoroughly Understand It

This Report “Breakout SEO – Powerful Strategies That Get YOU Organic Traffic” will give more than just tricks you blindly follow.

It will quickly explain the reason and logic behind things – without putting you to sleep or making you fell like you’re reading the sort of Techno-manual that has you hurling it at the wall, or developing a blinding headache (before you give up in gloomy despair.)

If you’ve ever tried to tackle SEO on your own, looked at SEO structure maps, and realized with a sinking feeling they contain much more than you want to learn, don’t look any further!  You won’t find anything here but concentrated, simple strategies you can actually understand – and use!

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  • 4 SEOcret weapons too many people aren’t aware of that will boost my organic results
  • The real truth about Search Engine submissions and Directories – that will have me sitting back in relief
  • Why Google is so important – and the secret to easily avoiding unwitting Google mistakes

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Heather Ross

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