How is it that with one WordPress theme you were able to design a website with many different layouts and styles?

I use the Builder Theme from iThemes.  It comes with a layout editor and style editor that easily enables you to create a site with all types of layouts and styles without having to do much coding.  It is a great theme if you want to spend time focusing on the creative design of your website.

Where can I learn how to use the builder theme?

iThemes has many FREE online lessons available on their website.  In addition, if you join the iThemes learning center, Website, you can get many additional courses to expand your knowledge of WordPress, builder and other iTheme products.

What WordPress plugin do you recommend to design membership sites?

I always use WishList Member. It is a premium theme that integrates easily into any WordPress site and is very easy to set up. It can integrate with many of the shopping cart programs out there (1ShoppingCart, Pay Pal, etc.) With WishList members get their own user name and password. You can create many different membership levels as well for your different programs.

How do you back up WordPress websites?

I use the Backup Buddy plugin. It is a premium plugin from iThemes that you install into your WordPress dashboard and with the click of a few buttons your site is easily backed up.

Backup WordPress Easily

What is a good beginner coaching program to take to learn WordPress?

I recommend Web Site Design Mojo.  This coaching program is the one I took to learn WordPress.


Where did you get training in internet marketing and social media?

I took my training with VA Classroom.  Their certification programs are offered in easy to understand modules that equip you with the skills and knowledge to understand online marketing.  In addition there are many other benefits such as the Social Marketing Club where you can connect with other members and ask questions to further elaborate on topics discussed in the modules.

Another course I took is Website Sales Mojo (the same instructor from Web Site Design Mojo).  This course is a good explanation and break down of the sales funnel.


Where do you purchase stock photos?

I purchase my photos with Deposit Photos. They are very good quality and VERY INEXPENSIVE.

What software do you use to design the images for your websites, Facebook pages and eBook covers?

I use GIMP.  Gimp is a completely FREE software program that you can use to create all kinds of graphics. It’s a very robust program that is similar in many ways to Adobe Photoshop.

Where did you learn how to use GIMP?

I learned GIMP at Gimp Graphics Mojo.  For a low price you can learn how to create headers, buttons and eBook covers for your websites.

How do you make your eBook covers?

The program I use is called Web 2.0 covers.  It works with GIMP ( or Photoshop Elements and any other program that lets you work in layers).


What virtual assistant organizations do you belong to?

I belong to VA Classroom.