Google Adsense WordPressWordPress is a ubiquitous blog platform. It’s a complete management system which allows you to choose the basic template and add themes and plugins which will add to the functionality of the blog. If you are blogging for money, or you wish to generate traffic and leads for your business, WordPress is a great choice. You may choose to set up the blog with WordPress, but if you want to be more independent and have full control of the blog, you can simply install WordPress on your domain name. Being that popular, it comes as no surprise that there are numerous prefab templates available. You can use whatever you want, according to your niche and personal taste.  

Some may argue that as long as the posts and content are good and informative, the WordPress template is of no significant importance. They may claim that you can have a simple blue header and still make good money out of your blog, provided the content is gripping. This is true to a certain extent. Whether we like it or not, aesthetics is important to visitors. There is fierce competition online today and if you seriously want to attract visitors on a constant basis, you need to please their senses. You can definitely keep the interest of your visitors with an extraordinary content, but if you complement that with a well appointed, friendly to the eye and unique theme and template, then you are most likely to make a great impression. Don’t forget that traffic brings in money. You need it so you have to make sure that you have done the best you can for it.

Many of the templates available today are average. There are however, some template brands which have managed to etch their names in the market offering professional, neat and smart templates for WordPress blogs. If users don’t feel like using one of the custom templates, or to create one themselves, then this is a great and affordable solution. Most of these templates are AdSense friendly. They are setup with AdSense ad blocks which are allocated at high click spots.

Some of the templates allow users to add eBay listings directly into the blog posts. The eBay plugin is offered completely free and gives the chance to create the eBay listing based on a particular keyword used. This works if the user is an eBay Affiliate, giving him the chance to increase his sales and get commission revenues from referrals. There are several templates that permit the use of similar plugins for affiliate or associate programs and systems, such as the Amazon Associate. There are also numerous plugins that can help you increase your profits potentials. Alinks is one of them, allowing you to add your affiliate links to your posts. You can even predefine which keywords will link to which affiliate product.

If you manage to post high standard content and enhance the overall looks with a well appointed WordPress template then you are most likely to accomplish your goals. Keep in mind that Google is somewhat predisposed to liking WordPress blogs and websites.