Once you’ve gotten the hang of writing and submitting articles, you’ll see that it can become an easy part of your daily or weekly work routine. But once those articles are created and submitted to an online directory, don’t let them die! There are many ways you can re-purpose your already-written articles for assistance with high SEO rankings and customer interaction.

Articles using for TwitterAs someone who provides SEO assistance, here are just a few that I recommend:

1.Create audios and videos. People learn in multiple ways. Some prefer the written word; others prefer audio or video. Serve all your blog’s audience by taking your articles and recording them as audios or videos. You can use the exact same content, just recorded in a different medium, and then post it to your blog. (Note: add your videos to YouTube.com or other video-sharing sites to further your reach).
2.Republish them on your blog. While you may not want to  publish the exact same article on your blog, you can change it up. Rework the order; combine multiple articles together, add images, etc. to make the blog post different.
3.Create an ebook. Once you have ten or 20 articles under your belt, why not add them together and create an ebook? Add an introduction and conclusion, rework the text to make the transitions smooth, add graphics and formatting, and you’ve got a nice ebook that you can give away or sell on your blog.
4.Make a “stable” of guest posts. Guest posting – where you submit a blog post on someone else’s blog and link back to your own – is a fantastic way to get inbound links and to increase your exposure to new audiences. Take the articles you’ve written and slice and dice them so you have a selection of posts available when the guest posting opportunity arises. (Note: Make them varying lengths so you have a few options).
5.Make them into Tweets, status updates, and other quick posts. Take a longer article and break it into pieces that you can use on Facebook or via Twitter. Link back to your blog, or to the original article so people can click through for more information.

There are dozens of ways to re-use content once it’s created. Make it a habit to find at least two additional ways to use any articles you create. I hope that I have given you some great SEO assistance to start with. You’ll soon find that you have more material – and more readers! – than you know what to do with!