NewslettersHow do you feel about video? Think you can record one to five minutes of quality info? That’s what it takes to build your email list with video marketing. Today we’re going to cover some technical and practical ways to use video marketing to get more leads.

First of all, video marketing is just one of many marketing tools. It might not appeal to you, but that’s okay. Read about them all, then choose what works best for you. You don’t have to do it all. In fact, you don’t even have to do it extremely well! Just take action and get results, over and over again and you will see your business grow.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you want to happen when you use video marketing to build an email list:

–        You create a targeted and clear video that calls people to action.

–        People are moved to do something (click or visit your site).

–        You get email sign ups!

The success of this plan depends on a few factors:

  1. Make sure your video has a point. Don’t ramble. Don’t combine three, or five, or even two topics into one. Don’t make it too long. Have a point, get it across and tell them what to do next.
  2. You must build interest. Don’t spill all the beans at once. Give them enough information so they want to know more. Create enough value that they see the point in clicking through, but not so much that there’s no need for them to go any further.
  3. After they click to your site, they need to sign up. It’s no good to engage people with your video, get them to the point of getting them to click and then losing it all after that. Think from the point of view of your visitor. What do they expect when they click? Give them exactly what you promised to gain that sign-up.

Practical ways to get your video online:

Screencasting –  If your product, service or market is best explained by demonstrating on-screen through your computer then screencasting is the way to go. You can use a program called Camtasia to record your every onscreen move as well as your voice. This creates a professional quality video. It’s an investment of about $300 but is well worth the investment to create stunning videos that can work for you 24-7.

Video Recordings – Another way to create videos is to get in front of that screen and move your lips. It’s a great way to build trust, stand behind your business and move viewers to action.  There are many options out there for recording your own video and loading it onto your computer with the click of a mouse. A popular and easy to use choice is the Flip video camera. It costs less than $200 and allows you to upload directly to YouTube.

So, once you’ve got your plan and your videos, let’s talk about distribution.

Distribution is a critical element of your reach. Here are some ideas:

–        video hosting sites (like Youtube, Google videos, Vimeo, Yahoo videos, etc.)

–        expert sites

–        blogs

The popular and easy choice is definitely YouTube. They are now one of the world’s largest search engines, with millions of views daily and millions of videos. You can always add to your video marketing as you get going. If you do want to submit to multiple sites you can use tools to help you distribute your video to multiple sites at once – Traffic Geyser ( is one such tool.

Video is so powerful. Everyone has their own unique personality and puts their own unique spin on a topic. Don’t assume it’s all been done because no one in the world can do it like you. Your video  message might be just the one your market needs to hear so get going, get your video made and start using it to build that email list.