AWeber virtual assistantWe’ve talked a lot of strategy during my recent posts. Today we’re going to talk step-by-step tactics. The reason being is that hosting teleseminars, webinars and events can be a quick way to add a lot of subscribers to your email list and I want to make sure you’ve got a guide to follow to get it done, asap.

No matter what kind of event you are hosting the process will be the same. Don’t over-complicate it.

Here’s a one sentence breakdown of what you’ll be doing:

You’ll create a sign-up page and invite others to attend your event while building your list!

Really, that’s the long and short of it. The rest is just details. You CAN make it confusing and complicated, plan it for months and spend way too much time resulting in not much action for you list – if you want to. Or (and I personally like this option much better) you can take action, figure it out as you go and build that list while you’re learning!

Here’s your checklist:

  1. Decide on your goal – Right now, your goal is to build your list!
  2. Decide on a topic – Craft your topic to capture the attention of the market you want to attract. It should be catchy, interesting and well worth them taking time out of their day to attend. A good test is to be objective and ask yourself if YOU would attend – if so then go ahead and do step 3.
  3. Design a sign up page – It doesn’t have to get complicated or fancy. Use what you have, and do what you know so you can go, go, go! If you blog, use a blog post. If you run your own website, set up a page. If you are on Facebook, set it up on your fan page. You can even do it without setting up anything extra if you use Aweber. Aweber makes it easy to create a professionally designed sign-up form that they’ll actually host for you.
  4. Add the opt-in form – You definitely need a sign-up form, as this is where the magic happens. In order to add an opt-in form you need an email service provider – As a virtual assistant, I always recommend Aweber as it’s just the best. They have very clear and helpful training, webinars, customer service, a blog and more – a fail-safe way to learn email marketing.
  5. Send out reminders – You know you sign up for stuff and then forget about it. So will your new email subscribers. Make sure you remind them of the upcoming event through email.
  6. Send out follow-ups – After the webinar you’ll want to make sure you let your new subscribers know of the next step: is it to join your main list, sign up for a free ecourse, buy a product, etc.? If you’re going to continue to send follow-ups, make sure you notify registrants when they sign up. For example, you could use some copy like: “Sign up for the free webinar on how to make sales by video blogging. Bonus – you’ll also be signed up for weekly vlogging tips!” That way there are no surprises and no spam complaints.

That’s it – six steps to an online event that will grow your list, easily and quickly. You can do it. I believe in you! And hey, let me know when you get it set up as I just might be your first sign-up 😉