email marketing Virtual AssistantWith an e-commerce site, shopping cart software helps businesses sell their products to customers quickly and easily. However, selling products is only half the battle. Keeping existing clients and growing a client base is another important aspect of a successful business. With 1 Shopping Cart, companies and their virtual assistants have the ability to combine features of marketing and cart software in one program.

Email marketing campaigns allow businesses to provide customers about the company, the products they provide, and any new announcements as the company grows. Auto responders don’t just have to be limited to sales; they can include newsletters, notification that their problem is being researched, or informing clients of new service hours, phone numbers, or website changes. They establish communication with customers, and can help form a long-term business relationship.

1 Shopping Cart allows business owners and their virtual assistants to use the information in the customer database to create lists, ad campaigns, and auto responders. Companies can send follow-up emails after a delivery to confirm customer satisfaction and inform them of similar products. The software also has the ability to create opt-ins, where the customer has to confirm they want to receive the responder series. This helps reduce the chances of accidently sending SPAM.

The software tracks email delivery, if the email is read, or if it is returned due to errors in the email address. New subscribers, opt-ins, and those who remove their email address are tracked in real time and compiled in easy to read reports. The amount of auto responders, broadcasts, and follow-up emails a company can send to the people in their database is unlimited, so the company can create as many different campaigns as they need.

Email campaigns can be created for different products and auto responders created for one product can be carried across to other product lines. There are many templates available, and they can be customized so that businesses and their virtual assistants can put their personal touch on each campaign.

Tracking ad campaigns is another feature of the 1 Shopping Cart software. Multiple ads can be created and tracked using AB testing. It is also possible to create several different landing pages for the ad and rotate them to determine which ones are the most effective.

Tracking cost and success rates of ad campaigns help companies determine where their advertising dollars are the most effective. The software allows businesses to track sales, cost per click, click to sale and leads for each sale campaign created. Reporting is created in real team and is downloadable into an Excel Spreadsheet for further breakdown and analysis.

Sales promotion and production are interdependent. Customers that have purchased one item are more inclined to buy again. Cross selling, new product announcements, and product updates help businesses and their virtual assistants inform clients of everything they have to offer. With auto responders, ad campaigns, and newsletters are all different ways of keeping customers informed and allow them to learn more about the company. Having the ability to create marketing campaigns with the same software that sells products to customers increases efficiency and decreases problems with program integration.